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Mods list for which I couldn't reach the end.
I haven't kept the files for installing them.

Title Date File name Comment
Tower 2020-12-31 tower.rar The door leading to the room with the yellow button at the end of the maze in the dark won't open.
ShogoHydra20 2018-07-17 ShogoHydra20.rar At the beginning of m03, the soldier dies on the lift, the cutscene doesn't end and the screen turns black.
Ejector 2016-02-02 Ejector_Setup.exe stuck map c3
Zombieland 2016-01-16 hl1-sp-zombieland.7z transition problem between maps 2 and 3
AvsM 2: Project XEN 2015-11-16 cannot move after briefing in HQ_01
Accidental Assassin 2014-08-17 no end notification
Christmas-Life 2014-08-10,,,, flying islands freeze after load in cl_2k13_l3
Biohazard 2014-08-10 Biohazard.exe, English_Text_Biohazard.rar no button to save or load game
En Route 66 2014-07-19 enroute66.rar fatal error at new game
Sleephorst v1.5 2014-01-12 Sleephorst_1.5.8.rar 2nd map without exit
Resublimation 2013-12-14 hl1-sp-resublimation.7z weapon swap crash
Time-Shift 2012-05-13 incomplete
Hazardous Course 2 2012-05-13 too hard
Hazardous Course 2012-05-13 incomplete
Mission McPoker 2012-04-05 defective
Half-Life: Unnamed 2012-02-04 unnamed.rar stuck in 3rd map with a lot of doors
Half-Life: Return 2 2011-11-13 hl1-sp-half-life-return-2.7z unmovable crate
Pulse 2011-10-29, defective
Intolerable Threat 2011-10-28 intolerablethreat.exe defective
Snark Planet 2011-10-14 snark_planet.rar only cutscenes
Independence Day 2011-10-14 transition problem HL v1.0.1.6
The Dark Secret Part 3 2011-09-18 Dark_Secret_3.7z not enough ammunition
The Dark Secret Part 2 2011-09-18 2011_07_04_Dark_Secret_2.7z invisible enemies
The Dark Secret Part 1 2011-09-18 stuck in ds31cy
Extinction Level Event 2011-09-11 ELEsetup.exe ETC copy
Fallen Chopper 2011-09-11 op-sp-fallen-chopper.rar no map transitions
Somewhere in Time 2011-09-10 no end message
Croman's Map Pack 2011-07-30 half-life defective SV_startsound: volume=2550
Classic games 2011-07-30 classicgmod.rar transition problem
Chaper Fall 2011-07-24 2008_07_18_Chaper_Fall.rar no hev, missing model in 2nd map
Castle Disposed 2011-07-24 weapons swap bug in movie theater map
Black Op Mission 2011-07-24 2008_11_20_Bom.rar, Bom_wads.rar, decals2.rar bad end
2009 EБ 2011-07-23 2009EB.rar endless dialogues
A.D.I.Y.L. 2011-07-14 Adiyl_beta_0.1.rar crash 3rd map
Outwards 2011-01-08 hl1-sp-outwards.rar faulty elevator button
Operation Firesweep 2011-01-08 hl1-sp-operation-firesweep-demo.rar not recommended
Black Mesa 2007 2011-01-08 hl1-sp-black-mesa-2007.7z bad end
Fallback: Fire and Ice crash at the beginning of fire
Vietnam 1967   Vietnam1967 cd verze.rar too much vegetation
The Crabulator not recommended
Starwars Half-Life defective, screen becomes black
Unknown Faction stuck in l1h4a
Quilted Thought Organ corrupted file
Heavily Armed not recommended
Retribution   hl1-sp-retribution.rar gordon heart attack
Quarter Life   qlmod.rar impossible to get out of the prison
Flat-Life, impossible to aim at the turret
Half-Life 1: Am's Rebirth   amrebirth_v150.rar maps do not follow
Other World   OtherWorld_Download.exe too hard
Escape from the Egyptian Tomb unpredictable traps
Arrange Mode defective
Night Shooting   night.rar too hard
Final Run   FinalRUN-1.0.exe problem loading 2nd map
Torching the Light rain.spr not found
Friendship: the town of Half-Life.RU mappers   friendship2.exe too mingled
Alternative way (part1)   ALTWAY.part1.rar, ALTWAY.part2.rar too hard
Eif_school   school.rar no hev or weapons at the beginning, defective
Evil Space defective
Time to Run 2 stuck box
Residual Point   rp_pub_ver1.exe stuck chariot
Star   star.rar incomplete
Cold Experiment v1 missing spirit dll
The Real 2   setup.exe too hard
Conspiracy in Shadows 2   Tcis_Final10.exe, Tcis_upd.exe, Tcis_Patch12.exe rope bug intcis0a3, not enough ammunition, infinitely spawning enemies, not recommended
Power Plant and "China"   EpisodePowerPlant.exe stuck box
Space Prisoner crash at the beginning of prison3
Discoman Mod door code doesn't work
Sooper impossible to load saves, host error: bad string
Rescue 9-1-Freeman problem loading 2nd map
No Regret impossible to load saves
Tucked Up barrel stuck
Half-Life: Preview of the "Paradox" problem loading 2nd map
Amod   538f.exe weapons unusable from py_east
Two Smoking Barrels defective
Worst Holiday stuck in wh6
Terror Side a lot of bugs
Ground Zero 2 spawn outside 2nd map
Second too hard
Incoming   Incoming.ZIP not recommended
Back Draft   Back not recommended
Krypton   Krypton.exe welt6888 too hard
HL The Real not recommended and too hard
Unbreakable only cutscenes
School of Terror   school_of_terror.exe defective
Assassination not recommended
OTOS   [savefile] defective
Chinatown Preview   Chinatown_Preview.rar defective
Red Alert   hlra_mod.msi, patch_hlra_v002.exe, ra.fgd, rus_patch.exe defective
Half-Life : The Beginning   begining_beta1.exe defective
Office-Commando defective
Between-Two-Worlds problem loading 2nd map
Escape from Woomera defective
Mistaken Identity: Part 2 transition problem at the end of mistake1.bsp
Mistaken Identity transition problem at the end of HOSPITAL.bsp
Unknown Outbreak defective
Assassin Mark 2 defective
Prisoner of War defective
DAV HL Pak 1   Davhlpk1.exe defective
Chronicles: Episode One   chroniclesv1.exe defective
Boats Map defective
Bullsquids Pet defective
Half-Life Jumping 2 defective
The swimmingpool   sp1.ZIP defective
Killer-On the Run   Killer2.exe defective
Army at Office   ARMYATOFFICE.EXE defective